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Mott Split? Now It's Official

December 28, 1974

Ian Hunter and Mick Ronson have definitely broken away from Mott The Hoople--and that is now official! Hunter will pursue a solo career, both for recording and live work, with Ronson as his second-in-command and musical director.

This confirms NME's exclusive assessment of the situation last week, when it was revealed that Hunter had signed a lucrative solo deal with the CBS label. He is now expected to spend much of his time in America, although he will continue to work here periodically.

The three remaining members of Mott--bassist Peter Watts, drummer Buffin and keboards man Morgan Fisher--have afterall decided to stay together in a reshaped line-up. They are at present looking for a new vocalist and a new lead guitarist to replace Hunter and Ronson.

Rather surprisingly, they have decided to retain the name of Mott The Hoople. Spokesman Tony Brainsby said this week: 'They had every intention of changing their identity and coming up with a brand new name. But after NME's story last week, which hit the nail on the head very accurately, they've had many requests to stick with the Mott tag. One supporter was even organising a petition to persuade them. So they have now opted to stay as Mott The Hoople.'

Brainsby confirmed that the three remaining musicians had already laid down five tracks together, adding that they were 'very pleased' with the results. Meanwhile, Hunter continues to record his debut solo album, with Ronson co-producing and playing on the set. And in January another ex-Mott musician, Ariel Bender, will be going into the studio to cut his first album with his new band.

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