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Hunter, Ronson split Hoople

December 28, 1974

MOTT THE HOOPLE have split up. After weeks of mounting speculation and rumour it was officially confirmed this week that the band are no more.

Ian Hunter, whose recent illness led to the cancellation of Mott's British tour, is now working on a new solo album - to be produced by Mick Ronson, who joined Mott as replacement for Ariel Bender in September. Hunter and Ronson are now planning to form a new band which, after the completion of an album, will be going on the road.

The split comes as the culmination of a confusing year for Mott. The band ended 1973 with a headlining British tour which confirmed their status as one of the country's biggest draws. But recent record sales are believed to have been disappointing - 'Foxy Foxy' reached only number 30 in the MM chart before dropping out and their most recent single, 'Saturday Gigs', failed to even make the chart.

The three remaining members of Mott - Pete Watts (bass), Buffin (drums) and Morgan Fisher (keyboards) - are planning to continue as a band.

They are currently looking for a guitarist and vocalist; although work on a new album has already started. The band, which will possibly still use the name 'Mott The Hoople', are also planning a tour.

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