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Mick Ronson Joins Mott the Hoople

September 28, 1974

NEW YORK - At a special press conference held at the St. Moritz Sky Gardens here (19), Mott the Hoople lead singer and writer Ian Hunter announced that Mick Ronson would be joining the group as lead guitarist, replacing Ariel Bender. According to Hunter, Mott and Ronson had long hoped to be able to join forces. Ronson will continue to record as a soloist for RCA, but he pointed out that he would be devoting most of his efforts toward working with the band.

Tours Scheduled

Asked if the addition of Ronson would change Mott's sound, Hunter replied that Ronson played more in the middle range of his instrument and would probably change the effect to one of a still heavier sound. The group begins rehearsing in England this week for European and English tours set for this Fall. Current plans are for an American tour next Spring.

Irwin Segelstein, president, CBS Records, greeted the assemblage after Hunter and Ronson fielded questions from the press, and pointed out that the association between Mott and Columbia Records - marked by the release of their 'All the Young Dudes' single - was but a little more than two years old.

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