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Ronson - How Long With MainMan?

September 21, 1974
by Lisa Robinson

Everyone is speculating as to how long Mick Ronson will remain in the MainMan family now that he's joined Mott (see also news pages).

Ronson, who'll fly here with Ian Hunter this Thursday (18th) for a special morning press conference brunch at the Hotel St. Moritz (following a similar announcement in London on Wednesday, 17th), is supposedly extemely happy about this association.

He's back in a band again--his solo career wasn't exactly happening the way it was planned--and he and Hunter get along real good.

They'll tour the states in October, just around the time Ronno's next LP is due for release.

Apparently Ronson will do three of his own numbers on-stage with Mott, and he and Ian will share the vocal (as well as production) roles, rather than Mick just being one of the back-up singers. Ariel Bender (citing 'Musical differences') will go off on his own--with a solo contract to Island Records.

On one hand Tony DeFries must be pleased that Ronson will be on the road and working, helping to sell his recorded product; on the other...people just wonder how this will work out, with Fred Heller managing Mott and DeFries in charge of Ronson.

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