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Mick Ronson: Cover Star

01 April 1974

Words, 01 April 1974

MICK RONSON is a disc newcomer with a difference. Although 'Love Me Tender' (R.C.A) was his first solo release he has his own ready-made fan following on account of his work as lead guitarist with David Bowie's famed Spiders From Mars group. Now, with a little help from David, Hull-born Ronson is going it alone, and follows up his debut single with his first solo album-'Slaughter On 10th Avenue' on- R.C.A. APL.1.0353.

If you think Mick's first album is predominantly guitar-orientated however, you couldn't be more wrong. Contents are musically rich and melodic, combining an assortment of rhythms and sounds on material ranging from Annette Peacock's eerie 'I'm The One', three new songs partly composed by Ronson and one new David Bowie song 'Growing Up And I'm Fine'. Natural climax to the album comes with the title track, where Ronson produces a beautiful guitar led version of Richard Rodgers' haunting theme. 'Love Me Tender' is also on the LP, and Ronson's group includes Trevor Bolder for bass guitar + brass work, drummer Aynsley Dunbar (who worked on 'Pin Ups') and Mike Garson for most of the keyboard effects.

Mick grew up in Hull and played in a number of regional bands including The Cresters and The Rats, where he was joined by fellow Spider members Mlck Woodmansey and Trevor Bolder. After a short stint as a gardener at a girls' school (those girls didn't realise their luck!) Ronson quit and joined Bowie as lead guitarist + arranger. Mick has blond hair + green eyes, he's 5-8 tall and he's still single! Address of his fan club is: Mick Ronson Fan Club, London W1A 4ND.

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