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Ronson lights flame for new band - and Ziggy returns ...

September 8, 1973

David Bowie is returning to the British stage for at least one comback appearance later this month.

That's the strong report which reached MM this week when it was revealed Bowie will be performing at one of the Lou Reed concerts.

Reed is starting a major British tour at Melody Maker's Crystal Palace Garden Party on September 15 and will include dates at Glasgow, Manchester, Liverpool and Southampton before ending at the Birmingham Odeon on October 3.

MM understands Bowie is planning only one concert apparance.

He has completed recording sessions for his next album, "Pin Ups," co-produced by Mick Ronson - who has since formed his own band.

In the line-up for Ronson's band will be Aynsley Dunbar (drums), ex-Spider Trevor Bolder (bass) and Mike Garson (keyboards). Garson has played on all of Bowie's more recent albums and toured with the Spiders in both the States and Britain.

Ronson told MM "We're leaving for France this week where we'll start recording at the Chateau. At the moment I can't say what the sessions will produce, but we'll be staying there for about a month."

An album and single are expected to be released later this year and it's likely Ronson will take the band on the road at the same time.

Commented Ronson: "There's a lot of different things happening at the moment and it's going to take time for them all to happen."

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