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Gold disc for local guitarist

January 5, 1973

HULL HOUSEWIFE Mrs. Minnie Ronson will next week receive from her son a special piece of bric-a-brac to place on her mantlepiece - a gold disc.

Her elder son is 26-year-old Michael Ronson, guitarist with the David Bowie set-up which is currently taking the pop charts by storm.

This week, the group were presented with a gold disc for the sales of their recent LP "Ziggy Stardust and the Spidermen," an award which will go straight into the front room of Mrs. Ronson's Greatfield Estate home.

Michael returned to London earlier this week after spending Christmas and New Year with his family at 8, Milford-grove. Most of his stay was spent either shopping or at home recovering from an exhausting tour of America.

1972 was a great year for Michael, a former member of the Hull group The Rats, and his mother envisages 1973 being even greater. World-wide success looms for David Bowie and Michael, who combine to present one of the most audacious acts on the pop scene.

Michael's climb to success started in February, 1970, when Bowie took him under his wing on a flight to the top.

His pop career meant a drastic change from mowing the grass in Hull's parkland to cutting records in London. In recent months Michael has furthered his career by arranging several new releases and co-producing with Bowie a single release by Lou Reed.

This year could also see the emergence into the pop music business of another member of the Ronson family. Michael is taking to London with him in the coming months his 16-year-old sister, Margaret.

A former pupil at Estcourt Senior High School for Girls, Hull, Margaret plays the piano and sings. "She is talented, like Michael, and we are hoping she will be just as successful," said Mrs. Ronson.

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