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27 Nov 1965

THEY FIRST HIT the boards in Hull more than five years ago. And today, although the line-up has been swapped around quite a bit over the years, the Crestas are still one of the city's most popular groups.

For a start, they boast bespectacled Eric Lee, ex-Aces man, who is a good guitarist and an excellent pop vocalist.

And on top of that the group have one of the best line-ups in Hull.


Mike Kitching on drums and Tim Myers (bass) are the two original members of the group, and both are well respected musicians. Lead player is popular Mike Ronson, also a well-known name.

Right now the Crestas are going great guns - especially in clubs.

But, they say, they are not rushing into things and following the lead of others by speeding down to London to make demo records.


Manager Mr. J. Robinson said this week, "Eric knows all about this sort of thing, and without doubt demo records usually find their way onto someone's desk.

"One is usually pulled out of the pile and played. It's really a matter of by-guess-and-by-luck which records are ever heard."

A well-known ex-Cresta is Johnny Hawk, who was previously with the Aces. He is now in Goole, compering a club.

Meanwhile, the lads with the big reputation for a good show are now spreading their wings still further. Given their chance, the could be big, very big . . .

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