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Haircut Did Trick!


THE FIRST Hull group to have short hair - that's the proud claim of the King Bees, one of the highest flying talents on the local beat scene who were given their name by Rolling Stone Bill Wyman one year ago.

Like most other groups, the Bees once liked their hair long. Then they decided to get it cut. The result? Success! And bookings throughout the North of England.

The King Bees were born out of Alan Dean and the Soundtracks.


When the boys met the Rolling Stones, Wyman said he thought the Soundtracks label was "shocking". He suggested, "Try calling yourselves the King Bees." The group did - and have never looked back since.

Recently, they have been busy making demo discs and during a session near Morecambe cut two, "Schooldays" and "You Can't Lie To A Liar".

One of the recordings is now in the hands of one of the top record companies and could lead to the issue of their first disc.

In recent weeks the group has been invading the Mersey scene and made a smash hit appearance at the Manchester's Cavern. They have also played at the Three Coins Club in Leeds.

Back home, they are going down well at dances in Beverley Regal, and are also playing regularly at beat nights at Hessle Town Hall.

Kept Busy

The work, in fact, is pilling up and the boys are in the lucky position of having more than enough to go at.

Although all have regular jobs in the city, they are all ready to give them up providing there is enough work beat-wise to keep them going.

If the chance of making a record comes off, they will almost certainly turn fully professional.

Line-up is Mike Ronson (lead), Ralph Taylor (rhythm), John Thundercliffe (bass), Trevor Marrett (drums), and Alan Coldbeck (vocalist).

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