Mick Ronson Concert Appearances
Mick Ronson Concert Appearances
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Mick's early career is obviously not very well documented, but here are a few gigs we do know about. Thanks to Ched for much of this information.
1963.11.22The MarinersVillage Hall, Elloughton UKw/Keith Herd Band
1965.06.18The CrestasABC Regal Ballroom, Beverley UKw/Ye Barons, Gonx
1966.03.18The VoiceTop Rank, Brighton UKw/The Yardbirds
1966.06.04The VoiceNottingham UK
1966.06.05The VoiceThe Swan, Tottenham, London UK
1966.06.13The VoiceBBC TV audition, London UK
1966.07.08The WantedLondon UK
1967.09.28The RatsSkyline Ballroom, Hull UKw/Pink Floyd, Dimples, Disturbance
1968.05.23The RatsSkyline Ballroom, Hull UKw/The Move, Variation, Eric Lee
1968.06.07The RatsBilton UKw/Travellers Express, Purple Mist
1968.10.26The RatsSouth Hunsley School, Melton UK
1968.11.01The RatsYouth Centre, Willerby UK
1968.11.08The RatsSkyline Ballroom, Hull UK
1968.11.23The RatsMuseum Hall, Selby UK
1968.11.24The RatsSeverus Club, York UK
1968.11.30The RatsVillage Hall, Brough UK
1968.12.01The RatsThe Duke Of Cumberland, North Ferriby UK
1968.12.07The RatsHull University, Hull UK
1968.12.09The RatsAssembly Rooms, Malton UK
1968.12.13The RatsThe Regal, Beverley UK
1968.12.14The RatsVillage Hall, Brough UK
1968.12.18The RatsNorton School, Malton UK
1968.12.20The RatsSt Michaels Church Hall, Hull UK
1968.12.24The RatsCivic Hall, Cottingham UK
1968.12.28The RatsCivic Hall, Cottingham UK
1968.12.31The Rats76 Club, Burton On Trent UK
1969.08.23The RatsBurton Constable Hall, Sproatley UKHumberside Pop Festival w/Thunderclap Newman, Chicken Shack, Pretty Things
1969.09.28The RatsEast Park, Hull UKw/Michael Chapman, Junior's Eyes, David Bowie

David Bowie, Mick Ronson, Tony Visconti, John Cambridge.
1970.02.05HypeBBC Sunday Show, London UKradio session, broadcast on 1970.02.08
1970.02.21?HypeThomas A Becket, London UK
1970.02.22HypeRoundhouse, London UKFat Mattress
1970.02.23Harry The ButcherStreatham Arms, London UK
1970.02.28HypeBasildon Arts Centre, Basildon UKw/High Tide, Iron Maiden
1970.03.01HypeThree Tuns Pub, Beckenham UK
1970.03.06HypeHull University, HUll UK(Benny Marshall guests)
1970.03.07HypeRegent Street Polytechnic, London UK
1970.03.11HypeRoundhouse, London UKAtomic Sunrise Festival w/Genesis
1970.03.13HypeFillmore North, Lacarno Ballroom, Sunderland UK
1970.03.23HypeBBC Sounds of the Seventies, London UKradio session, broadcast on 1970.04.06
1970.03.30HypeStar Hotel, Broad Green, West Croydon UKw/Ugly Room (Cambridge's last show)
David Bowie, Mick Ronson, Tony Visconti, Woody Woodmansey.
1970.04.12HypeHarrogate Theatre, Harrogate UK
1970.04.27HypePo-Co Po-Co Club, Stockport UK
1970.05.21HypePenthouse, Scarborough UK

1971.04.02RonnoSouth Cheshire Central College, Crewe UKSupporting Amazing Blondel
1971.05.07RonnoTemple Club, London UK

David Bowie
David Bowie and Mick Ronson as a duo.
1971.08.01David BowieMarquee Club, London UK
1971.08.11David BowieHaverstock Hill Country Club, Hampstead UK

David Bowie and the Spiders From Mars
The band consists of Mick Ronson (guitar), Trevor Bolder (bass), and Mick 'Woody' Woodmansey (drums).
1972.01.19David BowieRoyal Ballroom, London England
1972.01.29David BowieFriars, Borough Assembly Hall, Aylesbury England
1972.02.03David BowieLancaster Arts Festival, Coventry England
1972.02.10David BowieToby Jug, Tolworth, London England
1972.02.11David BowieTown Hall, High Wycombe England
1972.02.12David BowieImperial College, London England
1972.02.14David BowieDome, Brighton England
1972.02.18David BowieUniversity Rag, Sheffield England
1972.02.23David BowieChichester College, Chichester England
1972.02.24David BowieWallington, Public Hall, London England
1972.02.25David BowieEltham, Avery Hill College, London England
1972.02.26David BowieColdfield, Belfry Hotel, Sutton England
1972.02.28David BowieCity Hall, Glasgow Scotland
1972.02.29David BowieLocarno Ballroom, Sunderland England
1972.03.01David BowieUniversity, Bristol England
1972.03.04David BowieSouthsea Pier Pavilion, Portsmouth England
1972.03.07David BowieYeovil College, Yeovil England
1972.03.11David BowieGuild Hall, Southampton England
1972.03.14David BowieChelsea Village, Bournemouth England
1972.03.18David BowieTown Hall, Birmingham England
1972.03.24David BowieMayfair Ballroom, Newcastle England
The band now consists of Mick Ronson (guitar), Trevor Bolder (bass), Mick 'Woody' Woodmansey (drums), and Matthew Fisher (piano).
1972.04.17David BowieTown Hall, Birmingham UK
1972.04.20David BowieThe Playhouse, Harlow England
1972.04.21David BowieFree Trade Hall, Manchester England
1972.04.30David BowieGuild Hall, Plymouth England
1972.05.03David BowieUniversity, Aberystwyth Wales
1972.05.06David BowieKingston Polytechnic, London England
1972.05.07David BowiePavilion, Hemel Hempstead England
1972.05.11David BowieAssembly Hall, Worthing England
1972.05.12David BowiePolytechnic Of Central London, London England
1972.05.13David BowieTechnical College, Slough England
1972.05.14David BowiePolytechnic, Oxford England
1972.05.19David BowiePolytechnic, Oxford England
1972.05.20David BowiePolytechnic, Oxford England
1972.05.25David BowieChelsea Village, Bournemouth England
1972.05.27David BowieEbbeisham Hall, Epson England
The band now consists of Mick Ronson (guitar), Trevor Bolder (bass), Mick 'Woody' Woodmansey (drums), and Robin Lumley (piano).
1972.06.02David BowieCity Hall, Newcastle England
1972.06.03David BowieStadium, Liverpool England
1972.06.04David BowiePublic Hall, Preston England
1972.06.06David BowieSt George's Hall, Bradford England
1972.06.07David BowieCity Hall, Sheffield England
1972.06.08David BowieTown Hall, Middlesbrough England
1972.06.10David BowiePolytechnic, Leicester England
1972.06.13David BowieColston Hall, Bristol England
1972.06.16David BowieTown Hall, Torquay England
1972.06.17David BowieTown Hall, Oxford England
1972.06.19David BowieCivic Centre, Southampton England
1972.06.21David BowieCivic Hall, Dunstable England
1972.06.24David BowieCivic Hall, Guildford England
1972.06.25David BowieGreyhound, Croydon England
1972.07.01David BowieWinter Gardens Pavilion, Weston-Super-Mare England
1972.07.02David BowieRainbow Pavilion, Torquay England
1972.07.08David BowieRoyal Festival Hall, London England
1972.07.14David BowieKings Cross Cinema, London England
1972.07.15David BowieFriars Borough Hall, Aylesbury England
The band now consists of Mick Ronson (guitar), Trevor Bolder (bass), Mick 'Woody' Woodmansey (drums), and Nicky Graham (piano).
1972.08.01David BowieTheatre Royal, London Englandrehearsals from 1st to 14th
1972.08.19David BowieRainbow Theatre, London England
1972.08.20David BowieRainbow Theatre, London England
1972.08.27David BowieLocarno Electric Village, Bristol England
1972.08.30David BowieRainbow Theatre, London England
1972.08.31David BowieRoyal Ballroom, Boscombe England
1972.09.01David BowieTop Rank Suite, Doncaster England
1972.09.02David BowieHard Rock, Manchester England
1972.09.03David BowieHard Rock, Manchester England
1972.09.04David BowieTop Rank Suite, Liverpool England
1972.09.05David BowieTop Rank Suite, Sunderland England
1972.09.06David BowieTop Rank Suite, Sheffield England
1972.09.07David BowieTop Rank Suite, Hanley England
The band now consists of Mick Ronson (guitar), Trevor Bolder (bass), Mick 'Woody' Woodmansey (drums), and Mike Garson (piano).
1972.09.22David BowieMusic Hall, Cleveland OH USA
1972.09.24David BowieEllis Auditorium, Memphis TN USA
1972.09.28David BowieCarnegie Hall, New York NY USA
1972.09.29David BowieKennedy Center, Washington DC USA
1972.10.01David BowieMusic Hall, Boston MA USA
1972.10.07David BowieAuditorium Theater, Chicago IL USA
1972.10.08David BowieFisher Theater, Detroit MI USA
1972.10.09David BowieIndianapolis IN USA
1972.10.10David BowieKiel Auditorium, St. Louis MO USA
1972.10.11David BowieMemorial Hall, Kansas City MO USA
1972.10.15David BowieSoldiers and Sailors Memorial Hall, Salt Lake City UT USA
1972.10.16David BowieCANCELED: Chicago IL USA
1972.10.20David BowieSanta Monica Civic Auditorium, Los Angeles CA USA
1972.10.21David BowieSanta Monica Civic Auditorium, Los Angeles CA USA
1972.10.27David BowieWinterland Auditorium, San Francisco CA USA
1972.10.28David BowieWinterland Auditorium, San Francisco CA USA
1972.10.31David BowieParamount Theater, Seattle WA USA
1972.11.04David BowieCelebrity Theater, Phoenix AZ USA
1972.11.05David BowieCANCELED: Celebrity Theater, Phoenix AZ USA
1972.11.11David BowieCANCELED: Majestic Theater, Dallas TX USA
1972.11.12David BowieCANCELED: Music Hall, Houston TX USA
1972.11.13David BowieCANCELED Oklahoma City OK USA
1972.11.14David BowieLayola University, New Orleans LA USA
1972.11.17David BowiePirate's World, Dania FL USA
1972.11.18David BowieAtlanta GA USA
1972.11.20David BowieMunicipal Auditorium, Nashville TN USA
1972.11.22David BowieThe Warehouse, New Orleans LA USA
1972.11.23David BowieLouisville KY USA
1972.11.24David BowieCincinnati OH USA
1972.11.25David BowiePublic Auditorium, Cleveland OH USA
1972.11.26David BowiePublic Auditorium, Cleveland OH USA
1972.11.28David BowieStanley Theater, Pittsburgh PA USA
1972.11.30David BowieTower Theater, Philadelphia PA USA
1972.12.01David BowieTower Theater, Philadelphia PA USA
1972.12.02David BowieTower Theater, Philadelphia PA USA
1972.12.23David BowieRainbow Theatre, London England
1972.12.24David BowieRainbow Theatre, London England
1972.12.28David BowieHard Rock, Manchester England
1972.12.29David BowieHard Rock, Manchester England
1973.01.05David BowieGreen's Playhouse, Glasgow Scotlandtwo shows
1973.01.06David BowieEmpire Theatre, Edinburgh Scotlandthree shows
1973.01.07David BowieCity Hall, Newcastle England
1973.01.09David BowieGuild Hall, Preston England
1973.01.19David BowieTheatre Royal, London Englandrehearsals
The band now consists of Mick Ronson (guitar), Trevor Bolder (bass), Mick 'Woody' Woodmansey (drums), Mike Garson (piano), Geoffrey MacCormack (percussion), Brian Wilshaw (sax/flute), and Ken Fordham (sax)
1973.02.14David BowieRadio City Music Hall, New York NY USArehearsal
1973.02.14David BowieRadio City Music Hall, New York NY USA
1973.02.15David BowieRadio City Music Hall, New York NY USA
1973.02.16David BowieTower Theater, Philadelphia PA USA
1973.02.17David BowieTower Theater, Philadelphia PA USAtwo shows
1973.02.18David BowieTower Theater, Philadelphia PA USAtwo shows
1973.02.19David BowieTower Theater, Philadelphia PA USAtwo shows
1973.02.23David BowieWar Memorial Auditorium, Nashville TN USA
1973.02.26David BowieEllis Auditorium, Memphis TN USA
1973.02.27David BowieEllis Auditorium, Memphis TN USA
1973.03.01David BowieMasonic Temple, Detroit MI USA
1973.03.02David BowieMasonic Temple, Detroit MI USA
1973.03.03David BowieAragon Ballroom, Chicago Il USA
1973.03.10David BowieLong Beach Arena, Los Angeles CA USA
1973.03.11David BowieLong Beach Arena, Los Angeles CA USA
1973.03.12David BowieHollywood Palladium, Los Angeles CA USA
The band now consists of Mick Ronson (guitar), Trevor Bolder (bass), Mick 'Woody' Woodmansey (drums), Aynsley Dunbar (drums), John Hutchinson (guitar), Mike Garson (piano), Geoffrey MacCormack (percussion), Brian Wilshaw (sax/flute), and Ken Fordham (sax)
1973.04.08David BowieShinjuku Koseinenkin Kaikan, Tokyo Japan
1973.04.10David BowieShinjuku Koseinenkin Kaikan, Tokyo Japan
1973.04.11David BowieShinjuku Koseinenkin Kaikan, Tokyo Japan
1973.04.12David BowieKokaido, Nagoya City Japan
1973.04.14David BowieYubin Chokin Kaikan, Hiroshima Japan
1973.04.16David BowieKobe Kokusai Kaikan, Kobe Japan
1973.04.17David BowieKoseinenkin Kaikan, Osaka Japan
1973.04.18David BowieShibuya Kokaido, Tokyo Japan
1973.04.20David BowieShibuya Kokaido, Tokyo Japan
The band now consists of Mick Ronson (guitar), Trevor Bolder (bass), Mick 'Woody' Woodmansey (drums), Mike Garson (piano), Geoffrey MacCormack (percussion), Brian Wilshaw (sax/flute), and Ken Fordham (sax)
1973.05.12David BowieEarl's Court, London England
1973.05.15David BowieOdeon, Torquay Englandtwo shows
1973.05.16David BowieMusic Hall, Aberdeen Scotland
1973.05.17David BowieCaird Hall, Dundee Scotland
1973.05.18David BowieGreen's Playhouse, Glasgow Scotlandtwo shows
1973.05.19David BowieTheatre, Edinburgh Scotland
1973.05.21David BowieTheatre Royal, Norwich Englandtwo shows
1973.05.22David BowieOdeon Theatre, Romford England
1973.05.23David BowieDome, Brighton England
1973.05.24David BowieFairfield Hall, Croydon Englandtwo shows
1973.05.24David BowieOdeon, Lewisham England
1973.05.25David BowieWinter Gardens, Bournemouth England
1973.05.27David BowieCivic Hall, Guildford Englandtwo shows
1973.05.28David BowieCivic Hall, Wolverhampton England
1973.05.29David BowieVictoria Hall, Hanley England
1973.05.30David BowieNew Theatre, Oxford England
1973.05.31David BowieKing George's Hall, Blackburn England
1973.06.01David BowieSt George's Hall, Bradford England
1973.06.03David BowieNew Theatre, Coventry England
1973.06.04David BowieGaumont, Worcester England
1973.06.06David BowieCity (Oval) Hall, Sheffield Englandtwo shows
1973.06.07David BowieFree Trade Hall, anchester Englandtwo shows
1973.06.08David BowieCity Hall, Newcastle Englandtwo shows
1973.06.09David BowieGuild Hall, Preston England
1973.06.10David BowieEmpire Theatre, Liverpool Englandtwo shows
1973.06.11David BowieDe Montfort Hall, Leicester England
1973.06.12David BowieCentral Hall, Chatham Englandtwo shows
1973.06.13David BowieGaumont, Kilburn England
1973.06.14David BowieCity Hall, Salisbury England
1973.06.16David BowieTown Hall, Torquay Englandtwo shows
1973.06.18David BowieColston Hall, Bristol Englandtwo shows
1973.06.19David BowieGuild Hall, Southampton England
1973.06.21David BowieTown Hall, Birmingham Englandtwo shows
1973.06.22David BowieTown Hall, Birmingham Englandtwo shows
1973.06.23David BowieLincoln, Boston Gilderdrome England
1973.06.25David BowieNew Theatre, Oxford Englandtwo shows
1973.06.26David BowieNew Theatre, Oxford England
1973.06.27David BowieTop Rank, Doncaster England
1973.06.28David BowieSpa Ballroom, Bridlington England
1973.06.29David BowieRolarena, Leeds England
1973.06.30David BowieCivic Hall, Newcastle Englandtwo shows
1973.07.02David BowieHammersmith Odeon, London England
1973.07.03David BowieHammersmith Odeon, London England

1974 Mick Ronson Solo Tour
Mick's UK solo tour followed two appearances at the Rainbow Theatre in London on 22/23 February 1974. The band featured Mark Carr Pritchard on guitar, Trevor Bolder on bass, Ritchie Dharma on drums, Mike Garson on keyboards, Thunderthighs on backing vocals, and a 5 piece brass and woodwind section.
1974.02.22Mick RonsonThe Rainbow, London UK
1974.02.23Mick RonsonThe Rainbow, London UK
1974.04.10Mick RonsonGuildhall, Preston UK
1974.04.11Mick RonsonFree Trade Hall, Manchester UK
1974.04.12Mick RonsonOdeon, Edinburgh Scotland
1974.04.13Mick RonsonCity Hall, Newcastle England
1974.04.16Mick RonsonCaird Hall, Dundee Scotland
1974.04.17Mick RonsonThe Apollo, Glasgow Scotland
1974.04.19Mick RonsonHammersmith Odeon, London UK
1974.04.22Mick RonsonColston Hall, Bristol UK
1974.04.23Mick RonsonTown Hall, Birmingham UK
1974.04.24Mick RonsonWinter Gardens, Bournemouth UK
1974.04.27Mick RonsonPavillion, Hemel Hempstead UK
1974.04.28Mick RonsonDe Monfort Hall, Leicester UK
1974.04.29Mick RonsonCity Hall, Sheffield UK

1974 Mott The Hoople European Tour
Mick joined Mott The Hoople in late 1974, teaming up with Ian Hunter (vocals/piano/guitar), Overend Watts (bass), Dale Griffin (drums), and Morgan Fisher (keyboards).
1974.10Mott The HoopleTop Of The Pops, BBC Studios, London UKPerforming 'Saturday Gigs'
1974.10.10Mott The HoopleOlympen, Lund Swedenw/Seven Crowns
1974.10.11Mott The HoopleScandanavium, Gothenburg Sweden
1974.10.12Mott The HoopleKonserthuset, Stockholm Sweden
1974.10.14Mott The HoopleFalkon, Copenhagen Denmark
1974.10.16Mott The HoopleTASV-Halle, Saarbrucken Germanyw/Titanic
1974.10.17Mott The HoopleAustellungshalle, Stuttgart Germanyw/Titanic
1974.10.18Mott The HoopleVolkhaus, Zurich Switzerland(Titanic did not appear)
1974.10.19Mott The HoopleVaduzersaal, Vaduz Lechtensteinw/Titanic
1974.10.20Mott The HoopleCongress House, Bern Switzerlandw/Titanic
1974.10.21Mott The HoopleBrienner Theater, Munchen GermanyCanceled w/Titanic
1974.10.23Mott The HoopleRoma, Antwerpen Holland
1974.10.24Mott The HoopleForest National, Brussells Belgium
1974.10.25Mott The HoopleOffenbach Stadhalle, Frankfurt GermanyTitanic
1974.10.26Mott The HoopleStadhalle, Heidelberg GermanyTitanic
1974.10.28Mott The HoopleNeidersachsenhalle, Hannover GermanyTitanic
1974.10.29Mott The HoopleNordmarkhalle, Rendsberg GermanyTitanic
1974.10.30Mott The HoopleMusikhalle, Hamburg GermanyTitanic
1974.11.02Mott The HoopleOlympia Theater, Paris France
1974.11.03Mott The HoopleAmsterdam Concertbegouw, Luxembourg

1974 Mott The Hoople UK Tour
Mott The Hoople were scheduled to tour the UK in November and December 1974, but Ian Hunter was hospitalized and the dates were first rescheduled and then eventaully scrapped.
1974.11.10Mott The HoopleApollo, Glasgow ScotlandCanceled (rescheduled to 1974.12.20) w/Sailor
1974.11.11Mott The HoopleLeith Hall, Edinburgh ScotlandCanceled (rescheduled to 1974.12.16) w/Sailor
1974.11.12Mott The HoopleCaird Hall, Dundee ScotlandCanceled (rescheduled to 1974.12.17) w/Sailor
1974.11.13Mott The HoopleMusic Hall, Aberdeen ScotlandCanceled (rescheduled to 1974.12.18) w/Sailor
1974.11.15Mott The HoopleTown Hall, Leeds UKCanceled w/Sailor
1974.11.16Mott The HoopleEmpire Theater, Liverpool UKCanceled w/Sailor
1974.11.17Mott The HooplePalace, Manchester UKCanceled w/Sailor
1974.11.18Mott The HoopleGuildhall, Portsmouth UKCanceled w/Sailor
1974.11.19Mott The HoopleWinter Gardens, Malvern UKCanceled w/Sailor
1974.11.21Mott The HoopleBrangwyn Hall, Swansea WalesCanceled w/Sailor
1974.11.22Mott The HoopleCapitol, Cardiff WalesCanceled w/Sailor
1974.11.23Mott The HoopleOdeon, Taunton UKCanceled w/Sailor
1974.11.24Mott The HoopleWinter Gardens, Bournemouth UKCanceled w/Sailor
1974.11.26Mott The HoopleTown Hall, Birmingham UKCanceled w/Sailor
1974.11.27Mott The HoopleGuildhall, Preston UKCanceled w/Sailor
1974.11.28Mott The HoopleCivic Hall, Guildford UKCanceled w/Sailor
1974.11.28Mott The HoopleGlobe Theater, Stockton UKCanceled w/Sailor
1974.11.29Mott The HoopleCity Hall, Newcastle UKCanceled w/Sailor
1974.11.30Mott The HoopleLancaster University, Lancaster UKCanceled w/Sailor
1974.12.01Mott The HoopleHippodrome, Bristol UKCanceled w/Sailor
1974.12.02Mott The HoopleGranada, East Ham UKCanceled
1974.12.02Mott The HoopleExeter UKCanceled w/Sailor
1974.12.04Mott The HoopleABC, Ipswich UKCanceled w/Sailor
1974.12.04Mott The HoopleGaumont, Ipswich UKCanceled w/Sailor
1974.12.06Mott The HoopleHammersmith Odeon, London UKCanceled w/Sailor
1974.12.07Mott The HoopleHammersmith Odeon, London UKCanceled w/Sailor
1974.12.08Mott The HoopleCity Hall, Newcastle UKCanceled w/Sailor
1974.12.10Mott The HoopleGaumont, Southampton UKCanceled w/Sailor
1974.12.10Mott The HoopleAylesbury UKCanceled
1974.12.11Mott The HoopleNew Theater, Oxford UKCanceled w/Sailor
1974.12.12Mott The HoopleCivic Hall, Wolverhampton UKCanceled w/Sailor
1974.12.16Mott The HoopleLeith Hall, Edinburgh ScotlandCanceled
1974.12.17Mott The HoopleCaird Hall, Dundee ScotlandCanceled
1974.12.18Mott The HoopleMusic Hall, Aberdeen ScotlandCanceled
1974.12.19Mott The HoopleMusic Hall, Aberdeen ScotlandCanceled
1974.12.20Mott The HoopleApollo, Glasgow ScotlandCanceled

1975 Hunter-Ronson UK Tour
Mick teamed up with Ian Hunter for Ian's debut album, and the pair went on the road to support their respective solo albums. Initially, the touring band was the same group of musicians who played on Ian's album (Geoff Appleby on bass, Peter Arnesen on keyboards, and Dennis Elliott on drums), but an accident forced Peter Arnesen to drop out in favor of Blue Weaver.
1975.03.29Hunter-RonsonFriars, Aylesbury UKCanceled (rescheduled to 1975.03.19)
1975.04.03Hunter-RonsonTown Hall, Birmingham UKCanceled (rescheduled to 1975.03.29)
1975.04.04Hunter-RonsonColston Hall, Bristol UKCanceled (rescheduled to 1975.04.01)
1975.04.05Hunter-RonsonGranada, East Ham UKCanceled (rescheduled to 1975.04.02)
1975.04.06Hunter-RonsonFairfields Hall, Croyden UKCanceled (rescheduled to 1975.03.30)
1975.03.19Hunter-RonsonFriars, Borough Assembly Hall, Aylesbury UKtwo shows w/Warren Henry's Yum Yum Band
1975.03.20Hunter-RonsonCity Hall, Sheffield UKw/Jet
1975.03.21Hunter-RonsonFree Trade Hall, Manchesterw/Jet
1975.03.22Hunter-RonsonEmpire, Liverpoool UKw/Jet
1975.03.23Hunter-RonsonApollo, Glasgow Scotlandw/Jet
1975.03.24Hunter-RonsonMusic Hall, Aberdeen Scotlandw/Jet
1975.03.26Hunter-RonsonCity Hall, Newcastle UKw/Jet
1975.03.27Hunter-RonsonCity Hall, Leeds UKw/Jet
1975.03.29Hunter-RonsonTown Hall, Birmingham UKw/Jet
1975.03.30Hunter-RonsonFairfield Hall, Croydon UKw/Jet
1975.03.31Hunter-RonsonHammersmith Odeon, London UKw/Jet
1975.04.01Hunter-RonsonColston Hall, Bristol UKw/Jet
1975.04.02Hunter-RonsonGranada, East Ham UKw/Jet
1975.04.11Mick RonsonOld Grey Whistle Test, London UKMick w/Geoff Appleby, John Turnbull, Blue Weaver, Jim Toomey

1975 Hunter-Ronson USA Tour
With Peter Arnesen back in the group, The Ian Hunter-Mick Ronson Band set out on their first USA tour.
1975.04.17Hunter-RonsonQuandt Gymnasium, Stevens Point WI
1975.04.18Hunter-RonsonUptown Theatre, Milwaukee WIw/Bonaroo
1975.04.19Hunter-RonsonUptown Theatre, Milwaukee WIw/Bonaroo
1975.04.20Hunter-RonsonAmbassador Theatre, St. Louis MO
1975.04.22Hunter-RonsonCivic Theatre, St. Paul MN
1975.04.24Hunter-RonsonAragon Ballroom, Chicago ILCanceled
1975.04.25Hunter-RonsonSports Arena, Toledo OH
1975.04.26Hunter-RonsonMusic Hall, Cleveland OHw/Bonaroo
1975.04.27Hunter-RonsonGrand Valley College Field House, Grand Rapids MI
1975.04.28Hunter-RonsonFord Auditorium, Detroit MI
1975.05.??Hunter-RonsonLeRoy Theatre, Pawtucket RIUnconfirmed
1975.05.01Hunter-RonsonFelt Forum, New York NYw/Bonaroo (replaced String Driven Thing)
1975.05.02Hunter-RonsonPalace Theater, Waterbury CT
1975.05.08Hunter-RonsonAllentown College, Allentown PAUnconfirmed
1975.05.09Hunter-RonsonSpectrum, Philadelphia PA
1975.05.10Hunter-RonsonCapitol Theatre, Passaic NJw/Journey
1975.05.11Hunter-RonsonOrpheum Theatre, Boston MAw/Kiss, Journey
1975.05.13Hunter-RonsonHarrisburg PAUnconfirmed
1975.05.14Hunter-RonsonSyrian Mosque, Pittsburg PA
1975.05.15Hunter-RonsonCharleston SC
1975.05.16Hunter-RonsonCivic Coliseum, Knoxville TNCanceled
1975.05.16Hunter-RonsonPark Center, Charlotte NCUnconfirmed
1975.05.17Hunter-RonsonCivic Coliseum, Knoxville TN
1975.05.17Hunter-RonsonNashville TNCanceled
1975.05.18Hunter-RonsonEllis Auditorium, Memphis TNCanceled
1975.05.21Hunter-RonsonBarton Coliseum, Little Rock AR
1975.05.22Hunter-RonsonIndependence Hall, Baton Rouge LA
1975.05.23Hunter-RonsonSt. Bernard Auditorium, New Orleans LA
1975.05.30Hunter-RonsonPhoenix AZUnconfirmed
1975.05.31Hunter-RonsonSan Diego CAUnconfirmed
1975.06.01Hunter-RonsonLos Angeles CAUnconfirmed
1975.06.06Hunter-RonsonSeattle WAUnconfirmed
1975.06.07Hunter-RonsonPortland ORUnconfirmed

1975 Bob Dylan's Rolling Thunder Revue
In late 1975, Mick joined Bob Dylan's Rolling Thunder Revue band and toured all over North America. The tour featured Bob Dylan, Joan Baez, and Roger McGuinn, and the backing band included Bob Neuwirth (guitar), T-Bone Burnett (guitar), Steven Soles (guitar), Mick Ronson (guitar), David Mansfield (guitar/violin/mandolin/dobro), Rob Stoner (bass), Howie Wyeth (piano/drums), Luther Rix (drums/percussion), Scarlet Rivera (violin), and Ronee Blakley (vocals).
1975.10.30Bob DylanWar Memorial Auditorium, Plymouth MA
1975.10.31Bob DylanWar Memorial Auditorium, Plymouth MA
1975.11.01Bob DylanSE MA University, North Dartmouth MA
1975.11.02Bob DylanLowell Tech, Lowell MA
1975.11.04Bob DylanCivic Center, Providence RItwo shows
1975.11.06Bob DylanCivic Center, Springfield MAtwo shows
1975.11.08Bob DylanUV Patrick Gymnasium, Burlington VT
1975.11.09Bob DylanUNH, Durham NH
1975.11.11Bob DylanPalace Theatre, Waterbury CT
1975.11.14Bob DylanVeteran's Memorial Coliseum, New Haven CTtwo shows
1975.11.15Bob DylanConvention Center, Niagara Falls NYtwo shows
1975.11.17Bob DylanWar Memorial Coliseum, Rochester NYtwo shows
1975.11.19Bob DylanMemorial Auditorium, Worcester MA
1975.11.20Bob DylanHarvard Square Theater, Cambridge MA
1975.11.21Bob DylanBoston Music Hall, Boston MAtwo shows
1975.11.22Bob DylanBrandeis Shapiro Gym, Waltham MA
1975.11.24Bob DylanCivic Center Arena, Hartford CT
1975.11.27Bob DylanCivic Center, Augusta ME
1975.11.28Bob DylanMunicipal Auditorium, Bangor ME
1975.11.29Bob DylanQuebec City Coliseum, Quebec PQ
1975.12.01Bob DylanMaple Leaf Gardens, Toronto ON
1975.12.02Bob DylanMaple Leaf Gardens, Toronto ON
1975.12.04Bob DylanForum de Montreal, Montreal PQ
1975.12.07Bob DylanCorrectional Institution for Women, Clinton NJ
1975.12.08Bob DylanMadison Square Garden, New York NY

1976 Bob Dylan's Rolling Thunder Revue
In early 1976, the Rolling Thunder Revue struck out once again. The band was pretty much the same, with Dylan, Baez and McGuinn backed by Bobby Neuwirth (guitar), T-Bone Burnett (guitar), Steven Soles (guitar), Mick Ronson (guitar), David Mansfield (guitar/violin/mandolin/dobro), Rob Stoner (bass), Howie Wyeth (piano/drums), Gary Burke (congas), and Scarlet Rivera (violin).
1976.04.18Bob DylanCivic Center, Lakeland FL
1976.04.20Bob DylanBayfront Civic Center Aud., St. Petersburg FL
1976.04.21Bob DylanCurtis Hixon Convention Center, Tampa FL
1976.04.22Bob DylanBellevue Biltmore Hotel, Clearwater FLtwo shows
1976.04.23Bob DylanSports Stadium, Orlando FL
1976.04.25Bob DylanUF Field, Gainesville FL
1976.04.27Bob DylanFSU, Tallahassee FL
1976.04.28Bob DylanUWF, Pensacola FL
1976.04.29Bob DylanExpo Hall, Municipal Auditorium, Mobile ALtwo shows
1976.05.01Bob DylanReid Green Coliseum, Hattiesburg MS
1976.05.02Bob DylanWarehouse, New Orleans LA
1976.05.04Bob DylanLSU Assembly Center, Baton Rouge LA
1976.05.06Bob DylanWarehouse, New Orleans LA
1976.05.08Bob DylanHofheinz Pavilion, Houston TX
1976.05.10Bob DylanMemorial Coliseum, Corpus Christi TX
1976.05.11Bob DylanMunicipal Auditorium, n Antonio TX
1976.05.12Bob DylanMunicipal Auditorium, Austin TX
1976.05.15Bob DylanGatesville State School For Boys, Gatesville TX
1976.05.16Bob DylanTarrant County Conv. Center, Fort Worth TX
1976.05.18Bob DylanState Fair Arena, Oklahoma City PA
1976.05.19Bob DylanHenry Levitt Arena, Wichita KS
1976.05.23Bob DylanCSU Highes Stadium, Fort Collins CO
1976.05.25Bob DylanSalt Palace, Salt Lake City UT

1976 New York Dolls
Mick guested with the New York Dolls: David Johansen (vocals), Sylvain Sylvain (guitar), Peter Jordan (bass), Bobby Blaine (keyboards), Tony Machine (drums).
1976.07.04New York DollsMax's Kansas City, New York NY

1976 John Cale
Mick played with John Cale, Lou Reed, Patti Smith, David Byrne, Alan Lanier, and Chris Spedding
1976.07.21John Cale & FriendsOcean Club, New York NY

1976 Mick Ronson Band
After the Bob Dylan ended, Mick did some session work and eventually formed his own band for recording and touring. The Mick Ronson Band also included Mick Baraken (Shane Fontayne) on guitar, Jay Davis on bass, and Bobby Chen on drums. The group played a handful of dates as a support act to groups like Rush and Black Oak Arkansas.
1976.06.03Mick Ronson BandCalderone Concert Hall, Hempstead NYw/Gentle Giant
1976.11.--Mick Ronson BandFastlane, Asbury Park NJ(date uncertain) w/Aura
1976.12.12Mick Ronson BandPalace Theater, Albany NYw/Rush, Black Oak Arkansas
1976.12.13Mick Ronson BandRochester NY(date uncertain)
1976.12.14Mick Ronson BandBoardwalk, Syracuse NYheadlining
1976.12.15Mick Ronson BandCentury Theatre, Buffalo NYw/Rush, James Gang (date uncertain)

1976 Mary Hogan
1976.11.19Mary HoganMax's Kansas City, New York NYSlickee Boys

1977 Van Morrison
Mick spent a short time in Europe with Van Morrison promoting his A Period Of Transition album. The group included Van Morrison (vocals), Mick Ronson (guitar), No Foster (bass), Dr. John (keyboards), and Peter Van Hooke (drums). The group only played two dates.
1977.06.15Van MorrisonMaunkberry's, London UKAlbum launch, filmed for So It Goes TV show
1977.06.22Van MorrisonVara Studios, Hilversum HollandWonderland TV show

1977 Philip Rambow
Mick's sister Maggie was singing with Philip Rambow's band, and when Mick arrived in the UK he came along and joiend the band for a short time. He did not, as many suggest, play at the Hope and Anchor gig that was recorded for the Hope and Anchor Front Row Festival album.
1977.11.??Philip RambowDingwalls, Camden UK1st night
1977.11.??Philip RambowDingwalls, Camden UK2nd night
1977.11.??Philip RambowMarquee, London UK
1977.11.??Philip RambowRochester Castle, Islington UK
1977.11.??Philip RambowNashville Rooms, London UKfree show, 1st night
1977.11.??Philip RambowNashville Rooms, London UKfree show, 2nd night

1979 Ian Hunter Band
Rejoining Ian Hunter in late 1978, Mick worked on Ian's You're Never Alone With a Schizophrenic album, and the pair toured extensively to support it. The band included Ian, Mick, Tommy Morrongielo, Martin Briley, Tommy Mandel, Georgie Meyer, and Eric Parker.
1979.06.07Ian Hunter BandFastlane, Asbury Park NJmidnight show
1979.06.08Ian Hunter BandFastlane, Asbury Park NJmidnight show
1979.06.10Ian Hunter BandToad's Place, New Haven CT
1979.06.12Ian Hunter BandMy Father's Place, Roslyn NY
1979.06.13Ian Hunter BandMy Father's Place, Roslyn NY
1979.06.15Ian Hunter BandMid-Hudson Civic Center, Poughkeepsie NY
1979.06.17Ian Hunter BandStanley Theater, Pittsbugh PAIron City Houserockers
1979.06.18Ian Hunter BandAgora, Cleveland OHIron City Houserockers
1979.06.19Ian Hunter BandPalace Theater, Cleveland OHIron City Houserockers
1979.06.20Ian Hunter BandPalace Theater, Cleveland OHIron City Houserockers
1979.06.22Ian Hunter BandPark West, Chicago IL
1979.06.23Ian Hunter BandUptown Theater, Milwaukee WIOff Broadway
1979.06.25Ian Hunter BandParadise Theater, Boston MA
1979.06.27Ian Hunter BandPinecrest Music Center, Shelton CTsupporting Blondie
1979.06.28Ian Hunter BandPalladium, New York NYGranati Bros
1979.06.29Ian Hunter BandSpringfield Civic Center, Springfield MAsupporting J Geils Band
1979.06.30Ian Hunter BandCape Cod Coliseum, Yarmouth MAsupporting J Geils Band
1979.07.01Ian Hunter BandCape Cod Coliseum, Yarmouth MAsupporting J Geils Band
1979.07.04Ian Hunter BandParamount Theater, Seattle WANick Gilder
1979.07.05Ian Hunter BandParamount Theater, Portland ORNick Gilder
1979.07.07Ian Hunter BandBerkeley Community Theater, Berkeley CAThe Screams, Nick Gilder
1979.07.08Ian Hunter BandSanta Monica Civic Center, Santa Monica CAJohn Hiatt
1979.07.09Ian Hunter BandRoxy, Los Angeles CA
1979.07.10Ian Hunter BandRoxy, Los Angeles CA
1979.07.11Ian Hunter BandSan Diego State Amphitheater, San Diego CA
1979.07.12Ian Hunter BandCelebrity Theater, Phoenix AZJohn Hiatt
1979.07.14Ian Hunter BandMusic Hall, Omaha NEunknown support
1979.07.15Ian Hunter BandMemorial Hall, Kansas City KSunknown support
1979.07.17Ian Hunter BandCheckerdome, St. Louis MOsupporting Ted Nugent, Blackfoot
1979.07.19Ian Hunter BandPalladium, Dallas TXJohn Hiatt
1979.07.20Ian Hunter BandCullen Auditorium, Houston TXJohn Hiatt
1979.07.21Ian Hunter BandOpry House, Austin TXJohn Hiatt
1979.07.24Ian Hunter BandAgora, Atlanta GAJohn Hiatt
1979.07.27Ian Hunter BandNassau Coliseum, Uniondale NYsupporting The Kinks
1979.07.28Ian Hunter BandSpectrum, Philadelphia PAsupporting The Kinks
1979.07.29Ian Hunter BandColiseum, New Haven CTsupporting The Kinks
1979.08.01Ian Hunter BandParamount Theater, Asbury Park NJNantucket
1979.08.02Ian Hunter BandCivic Center, Glens Falls NYsupporting The Kinks
1979.08.03Ian Hunter BandCumberland County Coliseum, Portland MEsupporting The Kinks
1979.08.05Ian Hunter BandLenox Music Inn, Lenox MAsupporting The Kinks
1979.08.07Ian Hunter BandKleinhaus Music Hall, Buffalo NYsupporting The Kinks
1979.08.10Ian Hunter BandCobo Hall, Detroit MIsupporting The Kinks, Shooting Star
1979.08.11Ian Hunter BandWinnebago State Fair, Rockford ILRockets, Cars, REO Speedwagon
1979.08.31Ian Hunter BandSportatorium, Miami FLsupporting Blue Oyster Cult
1979.09.01Ian Hunter BandColiseum, Jacksonville FLsupporting Blue Oyster Cult
1979.09.02Ian Hunter BandCivic Center, Lakeland FLsupporting Blue Oyster Cult
1979.09.04Ian Hunter BandBoutwell Auditorium, Birmingham ALsupporting Blue Oyster Cult
1979.09.06Ian Hunter BandMemorial Auditorium, Greennville SCsupporting Blue Oyster Cult
1979.09.07Ian Hunter BandOmni, Atlanta GAsupporting Blue Oyster Cult
1979.09.08Ian Hunter BandCumberland County Mem. Aud., Fayetteville NCsupporting Blue Oyster Cult
1979.09.09Ian Hunter BandCivic Center, Ashville NCsupporting Blue Oyster Cult
1979.09.13Ian Hunter BandFarm Show Arena, Harrisburg PABlue Oyster Cult, Fly By Night
1979.09.14Ian Hunter BandBoston Garden, Boston MAsupporting Blue Oyster Cult
1979.09.15Ian Hunter BandForum, Presque Isle MEsupporting Blue Oyster Cult
1979.09.16Ian Hunter BandCumberland County Civic Center, Portland MEsupporting Blue Oyster Cult
1979.09.18Ian Hunter BandRyerson College Theatre, Toronto ONSegarini
1979.09.19Ian Hunter BandRyerson College Theatre, Toronto ONSegarini (filmed by CHUM-FM)
1979.09.21Ian Hunter BandVeteran's Memorial, Columbus OHMichael Stanley Band
1979.09.22Ian Hunter BandRichfield Coliseum, Cleveland OHDavid Johansen Group
1979.09.23Ian Hunter BandRiverfront Coliseum, Cincinnati OHsupporting Cheap Trick
1979.09.26Ian Hunter BandCenter Stage, Detroit MIJohn Cougar
1979.09.27Ian Hunter BandCenter Stage, Detroit MIJohn Cougar
1979.09.28Ian Hunter BandToledo Sports Arena, Toledo OHJohn Cougar, Mitch Ryder
1979.09.29Ian Hunter BandFrienthal Opera Center, Muskegon MIunknown support
1979.10.03Ian Hunter BandFort Wayne Coliseum, Fort Wayne INsupporting Styx
1979.10.04Ian Hunter BandConvention Center, South Bend INsupporting Styx
1979.10.05Ian Hunter BandAragon, Chicago ILBoyzz, Pez Band, Romantics
1979.10.07Ian Hunter BandNorthrup Auditorium, Minneapolis MNunknown support
1979.10.10Ian Hunter BandCapital Center, Largo MDsupporting Styx
1979.10.13Ian Hunter BandTower Theater, Philadelphia PADavid Johansen
1979.10.15Ian Hunter BandCapitol Theater, Flint MIunknown support
1979.10.16Ian Hunter BandRoyal Oak Theater, Detroit MIThe Shirts
1979.10.17Ian Hunter BandRoyal Oak Theater, Detroit MIThe Shirts
1979.10.19Ian Hunter BandFairfield University, Fairfield CTSteve Forbert
1979.10.20Ian Hunter BandAtwood Hall, Clark University, Worcester MAunknown support
1979.10.21Ian Hunter BandCapitol Theater, Passaic NJCity Boy
1979.10.25Ian Hunter BandRehearsal, San Diego CA
1979.10.26Ian Hunter BandRehearsal, San Diego CA
1979.10.27Ian Hunter BandRehearsal, San Diego CA
1979.10.28Ian Hunter BandRehearsal, San Diego CA
1979.10.29Ian Hunter BandRehearsal, San Diego CA
1979.10.30Ian Hunter BandRehearsal, San Diego CA
1979.10.31Ian Hunter BandRehearsal, San Diego CA
1979.11.02Ian Hunter BandOld Waldorf, San Francisco CA
1979.11.03Ian Hunter BandOld Waldorf, San Francisco CA
1979.11.05Ian Hunter BandThe Roxy, Los Angeles CArecorded for live album
1979.11.06Ian Hunter BandThe Roxy, Los Angeles CArecorded for live album
1979.11.07Ian Hunter BandThe Roxy, Los Angeles CArecorded for live album
1979.11.08Ian Hunter BandThe Roxy, Los Angeles CArecorded for live album
1979.11.09Ian Hunter BandThe Roxy, Los Angeles CArecorded for live album
1979.11.10Ian Hunter BandThe Roxy, Los Angeles CArecorded for live album
1979.11.11Ian Hunter BandThe Roxy, Los Angeles CArecorded for live album
1979.11.22Ian Hunter BandHammersmith Odeon, London UK

1980 Ian Hunter Band
Ian and Mick released the live album Welcome To The Club in 1980, and toured to promote it.
1980.04.20Ian Hunter BandRockpalast, Grugahalle, Essen Germany
1980.04.21Ian Hunter BandPavillon Baltard, Paris FranceZZ Top
1980.04.22Ian Hunter BandEmpire Theatre, Paris France
1980.05.22Ian Hunter BandRainbow Room, Denver CORussia
1980.05.24Ian Hunter BandMesa Community Center Amphitheater, Mesa AZBlue Shoes
1980.05.26Ian Hunter BandOld Waldorf, San Francisco CA
1980.05.27Ian Hunter BandWarfield Theater, San Francisco CA
1980.05.29Ian Hunter BandRehearsal, ABC Studios, Los Angeles CA
1980.05.30Ian Hunter BandFridays TV show, ABC Studios, Los Angeles CA
1980.05.31Ian Hunter BandLong Beach Arena, Long Beach CAno support
1980.06.01Ian Hunter BandAmphitheater, San Diego CA
1980.06.05Ian Hunter BandChicago Amphitheatre, Chicago ILsupporting Heart
1980.06.06Ian Hunter BandRichfield Coliseum, Richfield OHsupporting Heart
1980.06.07Ian Hunter BandRichfield Coliseum, Richfield OHsupporting Heart
1980.06.08Ian Hunter BandCobo Hall, Detroit MIsupporting Heart
1980.06.09Ian Hunter BandCobo Hall, Detroit MIsupporting Heart
1980.06.10Ian Hunter BandWendler Arena, Saginaw MIsupporting Heart
1980.06.12Ian Hunter BandBroome County Arena, Binghampton NYsupporting Heart
1980.06.13Ian Hunter BandWar Memorial Stadium, Rochester NYsupporting Heart
1980.06.14Ian Hunter BandUncle Sams, Cheektowaga NYAlyn Syms Group
1980.06.15Ian Hunter BandAgora, Youngstown OHunknown support
1980.06.17Ian Hunter BandSaragota Performing Arts Center, Saratoga Springs NYsupporting Heart
1980.06.18Ian Hunter BandWar Memorial Stadium, Syracuse NYsupporting Heart
1980.06.19Ian Hunter BandFairgrounds, Allentown PAsupporting Heart
1980.06.20Ian Hunter BandWicomico Civic Center, Salisbury MDsupporting Heart
1980.06.21Ian Hunter BandCape Cod Coliseum, Yarmouth MAsupporting Heart
1980.06.22Ian Hunter BandCumberland County Civic Center, Portland MEsupporting Heart
1980.06.24Ian Hunter BandCivic Center, Baltimore MDsupporting Heart
1980.06.25Ian Hunter BandSpectrum, Philadelphia PAsupporting Heart
1980.06.26Ian Hunter BandSpectrum, Philadelphia PAsupporting Heart
1980.06.29Ian Hunter BandRock Cirkus, Commonwealth Stadium, Edmonton ABChuck Berry, Prism, Toronto, Foreigner, Warren Zevon
1980.07.06Ian Hunter BandDetroit's, Port Chester NYunknown support
1980.07.11Ian Hunter BandDr. Pepper Music Festival, Wollman Rink, Central Park, New York NYIron City Houserockers
1980.07.12Ian Hunter BandConvention Hall, Asbury Park NJ

1981 New York Yanquis
After working on Ian Hunter's Short Back and Sides album, Mick hooked up with Shane Fontayne again, and put together the New York Yanquis: Mick Ronson and Shane Fontayne (guitar), Frank Cambell (bass), Tommy Gun (keyboards), and Wells Kelly (drums), and Ann Langte and Dede Washburn on vocals.
1981.07.25New York YanquisOneida Lake, Sylvan Beach NYHollywood
1981.08.07New York YanquisRed Creek Inn, Rochester NY
1981.08.09New York YanquisAgora Ballroom, Hartford CTLennex
1981.08.11New York YanquisMy Father's Place, Roslyn NYno support
1981.08.13New York YanquisHammerheads, West Islip NYno support
1981.08.15New York YanquisMr. C's, Lowell MA
1981.08.22New York YanquisLupo's, Providence RI
1981.08.??New York YanquisJ.B. Scott's, Albany NYno support
1981.08.??New York YanquisHitsville, Pasaic NJ
1981.08.??New York YanquisThe Savoy, New York NYno support
1981.08.??New York YanquisCinema Lounge, Leominster MAno support

1981 Ian Hunter Band
Ian Hunter's 1981 tour featured Robbie Alter on guitar, Mark Clarke on bass, Tom Mandel on keyboards, and Mark Kaufman on drums. Midway through the tour, Mandel suffered a brain aneurysm and went in to Cleveland University Hospital for emergency surgery. Mick Ronson was quickly flown in to take over on keyboards, and joined them in Texas. He also played a bit of guitar toward the end of the show.
1981.10.14Ian Hunter BandCardi's, Houston TXunknown support
1981.10.15Ian Hunter BandCardi's, Houston TXunknown support
1981.10.17Ian Hunter BandClub Foot, Austin TXThe Lift
1981.10.19Ian Hunter BandDooley's, Phoenix AZunknown support
1981.10.20Ian Hunter BandUniversity of San Diego, La Jolla CAunknown support
1981.10.22Ian Hunter BandCountry Club, Reseda CAunknown support
1981.10.23Ian Hunter BandPerkins Palace, Pasadena CAunknown support
1981.10.24Ian Hunter BandPerkins Palace, Pasadena CAunknown support
1981.10.26Ian Hunter BandOld Waldorf, San Francisco CA
1981.10.27Ian Hunter BandOld Waldorf, San Francisco CA
1981.10.28Ian Hunter BandOld Waldorf, San Francisco CA

1982 T-Bone Burnett
Mick Ronson was offered a high-paying gig with Bob Seger, but turned it down to tour with his old friend T-Bone Burnett. The two played some club gigs, and also opened for the Who.
1982.10.05T-Bone BurnettRosemont Horizon, Chicago ILsupporting The Who
1982.10.06T-Bone BurnettRosemont Horizon, Chicago ILsupporting The Who
1982.10.20T-Bone BurnettThe Kingdome, Seattle WAsupporting The Who, The Clash
1982.10.23T-Bone BurnettOakland Coliseum, Oakland CAsupporting The Who
1982.10.25T-Bone BurnettOakland Coliseum, Oakland CAsupporting The Who
1982.10.28T-Bone BurnettSan Francisco CAT-Bone Burnett club gig
1982.10.29T-Bone BurnettMemorial Coliseum, Los Angeles CAsupporting The Who

1985-86 Sandy Dillon
1985.08.08Sandy DillonRonnie Scott's, London UK
1985.08.15Sandy DillonDingwalls, Camden UK
1985.08.21Sandy DillonRoof Garden, Kensington UK
1985.08.30Sandy DillonKing's Head, Fulmham UK
1985.11.30Sandy DillonThe Fridge, Brixton UKAngie Bowie Band
1985.12.06Sandy DillonDingwalls, Camden UKcanceled
1985.12.08Sandy DillonDingwalls, Camden UK
1986.02.02Sandy DillonRonnie Scott's, London UK

1988 Mick Ronson Band
Mick Ronson, Sham Morris, Charlie Shew (drums).
1988.02.13Mick Ronson BandThe Stone Pony, Asbury Park NJ
1988.02.??Mick Ronson BandThe Chance, Poughkeepsie NY
1988.02.??Mick Ronson BandToads Place, New Haven CT[appearance by Ian Hunter]

1988 Ian Hunter/Mick Ronson/Roy Young Tour
1988.05.30Hunter/Ronson/Youngunknown, Kitchener ON
1988.06.??Hunter/Ronson/YoungLondon ON
1988.06.02Hunter/Ronson/YoungEntex, Missisaugua ON
1988.06.03Hunter/Ronson/YoungBarrymore's, Ottawa ON
1988.06.04Hunter/Ronson/YoungBannister's, Hamilton ON
1988.06.07Hunter/Ronson/YoungCalifornia's Musical Roadhouse, Windsor ON
1988.06.09Hunter/Ronson/Youngunknown venue, Trenton ON
1988.06.10Hunter/Ronson/YoungElusions, Ottawa ON[attended by Joe Elliott]
1988.06.11Hunter/Ronson/YoungRock and Roll Heaven, Toronto ON[appearance by Joe Elliott]

1988-1989 Hunter/Ronson Band
Ian and Mick reunited in 1988 for an extended tour featuring Pat Kilbride (bass), Howard Helm (keyboards), and Shawn Eisenberg on drums. Steve Holley played drums on the final two dates at the Dominion in London.
1988.09.27Hunter/Ronson BandEntex, Missisaugua ON
1988.09.29Hunter/Ronson BandForge, Victoria BC
1988.09.30Hunter/Ronson Band86th St. Music Hall, Vancouver BC
1988.10.01Hunter/Ronson Band99 Club, Seattle WA
1988.10.02Hunter/Ronson BandStarry Nights, Portland OR
1988.10.04Hunter/Ronson BandOasis, San Jose CA
1988.10.05Hunter/Ronson BandOasis, San Francisco CAForgotten Rebels
1988.10.06Hunter/Ronson BandNew George's, San Rafael CA
1988.10.07Hunter/Ronson BandPalace, Hollywood CA
1988.10.08Hunter/Ronson BandCanceled: Deanza Theater, Riverside CA
1988.10.08Hunter/Ronson BandThe FM Station, North Hollywood CA
1988.10.09Hunter/Ronson BandTerrace Theatre, Ventura CA
1988.10.10Hunter/Ronson BandBogart's, Long Beach CAScarecrows
1988.10.11Hunter/Ronson BandCoach House, San Juan Capistrano CA
1988.10.12Hunter/Ronson BandBacchanal, San Diego CA
1988.10.13Hunter/Ronson BandCoach House, San Juan Capistrano CA
1988.10.14Hunter/Ronson BandCanceled: Phoenix AZ
1988.10.14Hunter/Ronson BandTucson Gardens, Tucson AZ
1988.10.16Hunter/Ronson BandTommie's, Dallas TX
1988.10.17Hunter/Ronson BandThe Backdoor, Austin TX
1988.10.18Hunter/Ronson BandVogue Theater, Indianapolis INGrayson Hugh
1988.10.19Hunter/Ronson BandRockerfeller's, Houston TX
1988.10.20Hunter/Ronson BandTipitina's, New Orleans LA
1988.10.21Hunter/Ronson BandW.C. Don's, Jackson MI
1988.10.22Hunter/Ronson BandMetroplex, Atlanta GA
1988.10.23Hunter/Ronson BandOld Post Office, Hilton Head SC
1988.10.25Hunter/Ronson BandSweeney's, Orlando FL
1988.10.27Hunter/Ronson BandSummers, Ft. Lauderdale FLBulletboys
1988.10.28Hunter/Ronson BandThe Pier, Tampa FL
1988.10.29Hunter/Ronson BandThe Moon, Tallahassee FL
1988.10.30Hunter/Ronson BandMargaritaville, Gulf Shores AL
1988.10.31Hunter/Ronson BandCanceled: Memphis TNScreaming Blue Messiahs
1988.10.31Hunter/Ronson BandUniversity Of Florida, Gainesville FLBulletboys?
1988.11.01Hunter/Ronson BandCannery, Nashville TN
1988.11.02Hunter/Ronson BandWinston-Salem NC
1988.11.03Hunter/Ronson BandGoldsboro NC
1988.11.04Hunter/Ronson BandPeppermint Beach Club, Virginia Beach VA
1988.11.05Hunter/Ronson BandThe Chance, Poughkeepsie NY
1988.11.06Hunter/Ronson BandBaltimore MD
1988.11.07Hunter/Ronson BandDover DE
1988.11.08Hunter/Ronson BandThe Bayou, Washington DC
1988.11.09Hunter/Ronson BandChestnut Cabaret, Philadelphia PA
1988.11.10Hunter/Ronson BandMorgan NJ
1988.11.11Hunter/Ronson BandSundance, Bay Shore NYEddie Havoc Group
1988.11.12Hunter/Ronson BandThe Channel, Boston MANor'Easters, Threats
1988.11.13Hunter/Ronson BandLiving Room, Providence RIGrayson Hugh
1988.11.14Hunter/Ronson BandCity Gardens, Trenton NJAviator
1988.11.15Hunter/Ronson BandAlbany NY
1988.11.16Hunter/Ronson BandThe Ritz, New York NY
1988.11.17Hunter/Ronson BandHouse Of Guitars, Rochester NY[in store appearance]
1988.11.17Hunter/Ronson BandRenaissance Theater Club, Rochester NYGrayson Hugh
1988.11.18Hunter/Ronson BandAsbury Park NJ
1988.11.19Hunter/Ronson BandGraffitti's, Pittsburgh PA
1988.11.20Hunter/Ronson BandBogart's, Cincinnati OH
1988.11.21Hunter/Ronson BandKent OH
1988.11.22Hunter/Ronson BandNewport Music Hall, Columbus OH
1988.11.23Hunter/Ronson BandRoyal Oak Theater, Detroit MIGrayson Hugh, Jack Bruce
1988.11.25Hunter/Ronson BandAgora Ballroom, Cleveland OHJack Bruce, Raven Slaughter, Zaza
1988.11.26Hunter/Ronson BandRiviera Theater, Chicago ILGrayson Hugh, Jack Bruce
1988.11.27Hunter/Ronson BandCanceled: Milwaukee WI
1988.11.27Hunter/Ronson BandWestport Playhouse, St. Louis MOGrayson Hugh
1988.11.28Hunter/Ronson BandFirst Avenue, Minneapolis MNFunhouse
1988.11.28Hunter/Ronson BandRoyal Oak Theater, Detroit MI
1988.11.30Hunter/Ronson BandVogue Theater, Indianapolis INGrayson Hugh
1988.12.01Hunter/Ronson BandClub Soda, Kalamazoo MI
1988.12.02Hunter/Ronson BandUptown Theater, Kansas City MO
1988.12.03Hunter/Ronson BandHartford CT
1988.12.04Hunter/Ronson BandPhoenix Hall, Louisville KY
1989.01.26Hunter/Ronson BandMaxime, Bergen Norway
1989.01.29Hunter/Ronson BandSardines, Oslo Norway
1989.02.01Hunter/Ronson BandTavastia Club, Helsinki Finland
1989.02.02Hunter/Ronson BandMelody, Stockholm Sweden
1989.02.03Hunter/Ronson BandYaki-Da, Gothenburg Sweden
1989.02.07Hunter/Ronson BandMusic Hall, Frankfurt Germany
1989.02.08Hunter/Ronson BandGrosse Freiheit, Hamburg Germany
1989.02.09Hunter/Ronson BandAlter Wartessal, Cologne Germany
1989.02.11Hunter/Ronson BandSchutzenhaus Albisguetli, Zurich SwitzerlandDogs D'Amour
1989.02.15Hunter/Ronson BandDominion Theater, London UKDogs D'Amour [appearance by Joe Elliott]
1989.02.16Hunter/Ronson BandDominion Theater, London UKDogs D'Amour

1989-1990 Hunter/Ronson Band
Ian and Mick toured in support of YUI ORTA in 1989, featuring Pat Kilbride (bass), Howard Helm (keyboards), and Moe Potts on drums.
1989.10.30Hunter/Ronson BandGrand Rapids MI
1989.10.31Hunter/Ronson BandCity Center Theater, Green Bay WI
1989.10.31Hunter/Ronson BandRiviera Theater, Chicago IL
1989.11.01Hunter/Ronson BandHoliday Star Theater, Merrillville IN
1989.11.02Hunter/Ronson BandCanceled: MetroPlex, Detroit MI
1989.11.02Hunter/Ronson BandRitz, Roseville MISteve Jones
1989.11.03Hunter/Ronson BandRitz, Indianapolis INSteve Jones
1989.11.04Hunter/Ronson BandMusic Hall, Cleveland OHSteve Jones [appearance by Joe Elliott]
1989.11.05Hunter/Ronson BandNewport Theater, Columbus OHSteve Jones
1989.11.06Hunter/Ronson BandBogart's, Cincinnati OH[unconfirmed]
1989.11.07Hunter/Ronson BandGraffitti's, Pittsburg PA
1989.11.08Hunter/Ronson BandTrocadero, Philiadelphia PACanceled
1989.11.08Hunter/Ronson BandChestnut Cabaret, Philadelphia PASteve Jones
1989.11.09Hunter/Ronson BandTent, Albany NYCanceled
1989.11.09Hunter/Ronson BandToad's Place, New Haven CT
1989.11.10Hunter/Ronson BandThe Chance, Poughkeepsie NY
1989.11.11Hunter/Ronson BandThe Chance, Poughkeepsie NYCanceled [rescheduled to 1989.11.10]
1989.11.11Hunter/Ronson BandThe Channel, Boston MA
1989.11.12Hunter/Ronson BandNew Ritz, New York NY
1989.11.13Hunter/Ronson BandSpits, Long Island NYCanceled
1989.11.14Hunter/Ronson BandCatina's, Hadley MACanceled
1989.11.15Hunter/Ronson BandRochester NY
1989.11.16Hunter/Ronson BandAlbany NY
1989.11.17Hunter/Ronson BandLiving Room, Providence RI
1989.11.18Hunter/Ronson BandChannel, Boston MACanceled [rescheduled to 1989.11.11]
1989.11.18Hunter/Ronson BandCatina's, Hadley MA
1989.11.19Hunter/Ronson BandToad's Place, New Haven[may have been rescheduled to 1989.11.09]
1989.11.20Hunter/Ronson BandBarrymore's, Ottawa ON
1989.11.21Hunter/Ronson BandThe Diamond, Toronto ONCanceled [rescheduled to 1989.11.22]
1989.11.21Hunter/Ronson BandClub Soda, Montreal PQ
1989.11.22Hunter/Ronson BandBarrymore's, Ottawa ONCanceled
1989.11.22Hunter/Ronson BandThe Diamond, Toronto ONSteve Jones
1989.11.23Hunter/Ronson BandThe Spectrum, Montreal PQCanceled
1989.11.23Hunter/Ronson BandSyracuse NY
1989.11.24Hunter/Ronson BandStone Balloon, Newark Delaware
1989.11.25Hunter/Ronson BandStone Pony, Asbury Park NJ
1989.11.26Hunter/Ronson BandHammerjack's, Baltimore MD
1989.11.27Hunter/Ronson BandPeppermint Beach Club, Virginia Beach VACanceled
1989.11.27Hunter/Ronson BandGreenstreets, Columbia SC
1989.11.29Hunter/Ronson BandMississippi Nights, St Louis MODavid Surkamp replaced Steve Jones
1989.11.30Hunter/Ronson BandKansas City KS
1989.12.01Hunter/Ronson BandWitchita KS
1989.12.02Hunter/Ronson BandDoc's, Oklahoma City OK
1989.12.04Hunter/Ronson BandDallas TX
1989.12.05Hunter/Ronson BandHouston TXCanceled
1989.12.05Hunter/Ronson BandJimmy's, New Orleans LA
1989.12.06Hunter/Ronson BandAustin TX
1989.12.09Hunter/Ronson BandPhoenix AZCanceled
1989.12.09Hunter/Ronson BandCalamity Jane's, Las Vegas NV
1989.12.10Hunter/Ronson BandAnderson's Fifth Estate, Scottsdale AZ
1989.12.11Hunter/Ronson BandSan Diego CA
1989.12.12Hunter/Ronson BandSan Juan Capistrano CA
1989.12.13Hunter/Ronson BandPalace, Hollywood CASteve Jones [appearance by Axl Rose and Slash]
1989.12.14Hunter/Ronson BandVentura Theater, Ventura CASteve Jones
1989.12.15Hunter/Ronson BandSan Fancisco CA
1989.12.16Hunter/Ronson BandCabaret, San Jose CA
1989.12.18Hunter/Ronson BandSeattle WACanceled
1989.12.18Hunter/Ronson BandThe Forge, Victoria BC
1989.12.19Hunter/Ronson Band86th Street Music Hall, Vancouver BC
1989.12.20Hunter/Ronson BandThe Forge, Victoria BCCanceled [rescheduled to 1989.12.18]
1990.01.18Hunter/Ronson BandMaxime, Bergen Norway
1990.01.19Hunter/Ronson BandStudent Center, Trondheim Norway
1990.01.20Hunter/Ronson BandRockerfeller, Oslo Norway
1990.01.21Hunter/Ronson BandRockerfeller, Oslo Norway
1990.01.22Hunter/Ronson BandMelody, Stockholm Sweden
1990.01.23Hunter/Ronson BandMelody, Stockholm Sweden
1990.01.24Hunter/Ronson BandTavastia, Helsinki Finland
1990.01.25Hunter/Ronson BandTavastia, Helsinki Finland
1990.01.26Hunter/Ronson BandNya Vagen, Gothenberg Swededn
1990.01.27Hunter/Ronson BandMejeriet, Lund Sweden
1990.01.29Hunter/Ronson BandStakladen, Ahus Sweden
1990.01.30Hunter/Ronson BandPumphuset, Copenhagen Denmark
1990.02.01Hunter/Ronson BandAlter Wartesaal, Cologne Germany
1990.02.02Hunter/Ronson BandKulturzentrum, Hannover Germany
1990.02.02Hunter/Ronson BandCanceled: Schlachthuf, Bremem Germany
1990.02.04Hunter/Ronson BandGhent Belguim
1990.02.05Hunter/Ronson BandElysees Montmarte, Paris France
1990.02.07Hunter/Ronson BandNachtwerk, Munich Germany
1990.02.08Hunter/Ronson BandMusic Hall, Frankfurt Germany
1990.02.09Hunter/Ronson BandGrosse Freiheit, Hamburg Germany
1990.02.13Hunter/Ronson BandRock City, Nottingham UKShy
1990.02.14Hunter/Ronson BandInternational 2, Manchester UKShy
1990.02.15Hunter/Ronson BandOctagon, Sheffield University, Sheffield UKShy
1990.02.16Hunter/Ronson BandHammersmith Odeon, London UKShy [appearance by Brian May]
1990.02.18Hunter/Ronson BandUEA, Norwich University, Norwich UKShy
1990.02.19Hunter/Ronson BandLeas Cliff Hall, Folkstone UKShy
1990.02.20Hunter/Ronson BandAssembly Halls, Worthing UKShy
1990.05.14Hunter/Ronson BandMelpark Hall, Tokyo JapanCanceled
1990.05.15Hunter/Ronson BandMelpark Hall, Tokyo JapanCanceled

1991 Klubbrock
Johan Walstrom Band, Mick Ronson, Sanne Salomonsen, Mats Ronanader, Tommy Nilsson, Dan Hylander, Tove Naess, and Liz Sorensen.
1991.03.07Scandanavian All-StarsHelsingborg Sweden
1991.03.08Scandanavian All-StarsHillerstorp Sweden
1991.03.09Scandanavian All-StarsFalkenberg Sweden
1991.03.10Scandanavian All-StarsGothenburg Sweden
1991.03.11Scandanavian All-StarsNorrkoping Sweden
1991.03.12Scandanavian All-StarsMelody, Stockholm Sweden
1991.03.13Scandanavian All-StarsSalen Sweden
1991.03.14Scandanavian All-StarsOslo Norway
1991.03.15Scandanavian All-StarsUddevalla Sweden
1991.03.16Scandanavian All-StarsKarlskrona Sweden
1991.03.17Scandanavian All-StarsBerns, Stockholm Sweden

1991 Parkrock
Johan Walstrom Band, Mick Ronson, Ian Hunter, Dan Hylander, Magnus Lindberg, Tove Naess.
1991.05.17Hunter, Ronson, ParkrockFolkets Park, Mariestad Sweden
1991.05.18Hunter, Ronson, ParkrockLaholm Sweden
1991.05.19Hunter, Ronson, ParkrockOlofstrom Sweden
1991.05.23Hunter, Ronson, ParkrockSundsvall Sweden
1991.05.24Hunter, Ronson, ParkrockUmea Sweden
1991.05.25Hunter, Ronson, ParkrockLulea Sweden
1991.05.28Hunter, Ronson, ParkrockStromsborg Park, Stockholm Sweden
1991.05.29Hunter, Ronson, ParkrockGalaxy, Stockholm Sweden
1991.05.31Hunter, Ronson, ParkrockGrangesberg Sweden
1991.06.01Hunter, Ronson, ParkrockAvesta Sweden
1991.06.05Hunter, Ronson, ParkrockVasteras Sweden
1991.06.07Hunter, Ronson, ParkrockRockerfeller, Oslo Norway
1991.06.08Hunter, Ronson, ParkrockStromstad Sweden
1991.06.11Hunter, Ronson. ParkrockCafe Adlonin, Helsinki Finland
1991.06.12Hunter, Ronson, ParkrockEskilstuna Sweden
1991.06.14Hunter, Ronson, ParkrockSandviken Sweden
1991.06.15Hunter, Ronson, ParkrockHultsfred Sweden
1991.06.16Hunter, Ronson, ParkrockVanersborg Sweden
1991.06.19Hunter, Ronson, ParkrockSocietÚn, Varberg Sweden
1991.06.20Hunter, Ronson, ParkrockSmogen Sweden
1991.06.21Hunter, Ronson, ParkrockAhus Sweden
1991.06.22Hunter, Ronson, ParkrockMarstrand Sweden

1991 Graham Parker
1991.10.??Graham ParkerHamar Norway
1991.10.10Graham ParkerLund Sweden
1991.10.11Graham ParkerJonkoping Sweden
1991.10.12Graham ParkerOrebro Sweden
1991.10.13Graham ParkerGothenburg Sweden
1991.10.16Graham ParkerKarlstad Sweden
1991.10.17Graham ParkerMaxime, Bergen Norway
1991.10.18Graham ParkerCosmopolite, Oslo Norway
1991.10.19Graham ParkerEskiltuna Sweden
1991.10.20Graham ParkerBerns, Stockholm Sweden
1991.10.24Graham ParkerHelsingborg Sweden
1991.10.25Graham ParkerGavle Sweden
1991.10.26Graham ParkerHillerstorp Sweden
1991.10.27Graham ParkerLinkoping Sweden

Freddie Mercury Tribute
Mick Ronson, Ian Hunter, David Bowie, Queen, Def Leppard.
1992.04.20Freddie Mercury TributeWembley Stadium, London UK

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