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Sky Arts Passions: Mick Ronson by Gary Kemp

Spandau Ballet's Gary Kemp explores the life and legacy of Mick Ronson, the musician famed for his work with David Bowie.


Gary Kemp


Turn and Face The Strange


Turn and Face The Strange - Mick Ronson The Hull Story

In this multimedia show, Hull writers and theatre makers Garry Burnett and Rupert Creed dig a little deeper to uncover the untold tale of how a working-class boy from Greatfield Estate challenged social norms to champion a new music and social culture.

Through memories of friends, fans and fellow musicians, personal photographs and archive film, and the stunning music of a special live band, Turn and Face the Strange tells the story of an extraordinary talent, whose music played an influential part in countless people's lives.

15 - 19 Aug 2017
The Freedom Centre, Hull UK
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